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Austin HCG Medical Weight Loss for MenAre you unhappy about the amount of fat on your body as opposed to the amount of muscle? Whether you are a little overweight or clinically obese, you can see dramatic results with the HCG diet. This program uses a combination of daily HCG injections and a very low-calorie diet for up to 40 days followed by a maintenance phase.

HCG is a naturally occurring hormone that helps pregnant women nourish themselves and their fetus even when deprived of a normal amount of calories. When it is used for weight loss in men, it carries out the same function of breaking down fat for energy when following a low calorie diet. It is a safe, effective weight loss program for both men and women.

How Are Testosterone Levels Affected by the HCG Diet?

Many men have a difficult time losing weight due to low testosterone levels. The HCG diet proves effective for many men because HCG naturally stimulates testosterone production. HCG works to reset the hypothalamus, which enables the body to balance its hormones. Along with weight loss, men on the HCG diet may see increased testosterone levels, which can provide many different benefits. Because hormone levels vary among men, a physician will run multiple tests, including tests that check hormone levels, before tailoring this diet to meet each man’s specific needs.

Your local HCG Diet specialist should check your testosterone level prior to starting the program to ensure that it is not significantly out of balance. The good news is that doctors already use HCG to treat low testosterone issues. Men who have undergone treatment typically report a series of benefits, including:

Leaner Appearance – The HCG Diet releases thousands of calories in fat each day, which prevents the body from going into starvation mode and breaking down lean muscle tissue. Many diets mainly allow for the loss of water and muscle, but the HCG Diet is different in that men will retain muscle and burn fat. Less fat can accentuate muscle tone and create a leaner appearance.

Healthier Sexual Function – The high levels of estrogen contained in body fat can suppress testosterone, which is in charge of sexual function. Allowing free testosterone levels to increase can improve blood flow, and better blood flow can improve sexual function. Men with low or suppressed testosterone often suffer from erectile dysfunction or low libido, and weight loss can reduce estrogen to improve overall sexual function.

More Energy – The HCG Diet can reset the hypothalamus and increase the body’s rate of extracting energy from cells. This increased sufficiency in energy production can create allow a person to feel more energetic. While on the HCG Diet, men must eat balanced meals, and this can allow blood sugar to stay stable, which can prevent dips in blood sugar and energy. Overall, these factors can cause men to have an increased amount of energy through weight loss with the HCG Diet.

Better Sleep – There is a high rate of sleep apnea in people that are obese. Sleep apnea is a disorder that occurs when a person has unexpected pauses in breathing or experiences shallow breathing during sleep. These pauses can cause a person to wake up many times during the night, which can lead to a poor night’s sleep and a feeling of fatigue.

What Kinds of Results Can Men Expect on the HCG Diet?

Men can expect to lose an average of 1.5 to 2 pounds a day. This is while consuming a diet of approximately 500 calories and receiving a daily injection of HCG during the initial phase of the program. The HCG injection works to diminish hunger and targets stubborn fat in the body. The weight loss range can be as low as one-half pound per day and as high as three pounds per day, with men more often seeing faster results than women. Men also tend to lose more weight overall and have an easier time keeping it off during the maintenance phase. While 500 calories per day is typical, your doctor will inform you of your daily goal after your consultation and physical examination.

How Does HCG Burn Fat While Preserving Muscle Mass Integrity?

Men take pride in appearing muscular, so it’s only natural that they are concerned about losing muscle mass rather than fat while on the HCG diet. Fortunately, this is one concern you can easily put to rest. The biggest advantage of the HCG diet is that the hormone directs the body to draw its energy from fat reserves rather than muscle. This process is exactly the opposite of other diets where people hang on to fat while losing muscle. When this happens, dieters suffer from hunger, low energy, irritability, and other issues that eventually make them give up. HCG dieters, on the other hand, have plenty of energy even though they are consuming a very low amount of calories every day.

Foods You Should Eat and Avoid on the HCG Diet

The HCG diet places a heavy emphasis on healthy food selections, especially fruits, vegetables, and lean meats. However, you should not eat two fruits or two vegetables at the same meal. During the active phase of the program, which is generally either 23 or 40 days, you should avoid all sweets, starchy vegetables, and several different types of fruit. Your doctor will provide you with a complete food list before you start the initial phase of the program.

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