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Austin HCG Diet InjectionsPerhaps you have struggled with your weight for years and know that it’s time for a new solution. You’ve tried formal diet plans with group support and doing it on your own, but both produce the same results. Even when you do lose weight, you quickly gain it back when you give into the hunger and resume your normal eating patterns. It becomes a vicious cycle that makes you want to give up in despair.

The HCG diet is a revolutionary approach to weight loss for both men and women. Depending on the amount of weight you want to lose, the active phase of the plan is either 23 or 40 days. During this time, you receive a daily injection of the HCG hormone while under the supervision of a trained medical professional. You also consume a very low-calorie diet, which is typically 500 calories per day while receiving the injections. It may sound extreme at first, but the results speak for themselves.

How Did the HCG Diet Get Started?

Dr. Albert T.W. Simeons, an English medical researcher, went to India in 1950 to study impoverished pregnant women. He observed them working hard for many hours every day, yet they did not get the nourishment they needed to pass along to their unborn babies due to lack of food and resources. Amazingly, their babies were still born healthy several months later.

Curious as to how this could be, Dr. Simeons began studying the effects of the HCG hormone in non-pregnant women and men. He concluded that the same hormone that sustained women and their developing fetuses in conditions of starvation could help overweight and obese individuals lose weight faster and keep it off permanently.

HCG Versus Other Diets

Many people that have not been able to lose weight with other diets have found great success with the HCG Diet because of its uniqueness. The HCG diet has a number of rare elements that are not common with other diets. Some of the key ways that it differs from other diets include:

Solely Fat Loss

Many diets that require a person to cut down their calories alone end up putting their bodies into ketosis and slowing down metabolism even further. For this reason, men and women that finish rigorous diets end up putting their weight back on and losing mostly water and muscle weight. With the HCG Diet, the hormone targets only fat, and it is released to supply the body with energy. After finishing the diet, most men and women notice a much leaner appearance and usually do not regain the weight.

No Exercise Regimens

Many dietary plans require an arduous exercise regimen, which is difficult to follow if a person has a busy schedule and does not have time to exercise. With the HCG Diet, the person does not have to make time to exercise because it is not required for the diet. Actually, exercise can interfere with the function of the HCG hormone, prevent fat breakdown, and interfere with metabolism. After finishing the diet, patients should maintain an enjoyable form of exercise, such as walking, biking, dancing, swimming, tennis, weight lifting, yoga, or hiking that will help them to maintain their weight loss.

Drastic Weight Loss

While on the HCG Diet, around 1500-2000 calories of fat are being released each day, which leads to around one pound of fat loss each day. Because the HCG hormone only targets fat, most people lose around thirty pounds of fat after one round of the HCG diet. After finishing the diet, most women and men have a leaner and healthier appearance.

What Kinds of Results Can I Expect on This Plan?

You will lose weight rapidly while you receive the HCG injections and stick to your 500-calorie per day diet. The average is one to two pounds every day during the initial active phase. Results of a half-pound to three pounds daily are within the normal range. Men tend to drop weight faster and lose more overall than women, but both genders can reach their goal if they remain committed to the plan.

When you have finished receiving the injections, you immediately enter into a maintenance phase for three weeks. Your doctor continues to monitor you closely as you gradually increase your daily caloric intake and resume your normal workout routines. The ultimate goal of the program is to enter into a lifetime maintenance phase to keep the weight off and change your eating habits permanently.

How Do I Follow the HCG Diet Plan?

The first step is to find a qualified HCG Diet doctor in your area on our Austin HCG Doctors Locator. Next, schedule an appointment with him or her for a consultation. You should plan to discuss your health history, your past attempts at losing weight, your current weight loss goals, and any medications you take to treat current medical conditions. Once you have decided that the HCG Diet is right for you, the next step is to undergo a complete physical examination.

If your doctor clears you to start HCG injections, he or she will also let you know your daily calorie goal during the first active phase of the program. The average daily goal is to consume 500 calories per day for up to 40 days. However, you are encouraged to eat to excess the first two days on the program to help reset your metabolism. Your doctor provides you with a list of foods that you should and should not eat. The majority of your food intake comes in the form of protein, lean meats, fruits, and vegetables.

Most people receive their daily injections in the upper arm because the HCG needs to go directly into muscle to be the most effective. The injection itself is quick and painless. After your doctor has had the chance to observe you and feels confident your body can tolerate the HCG, he or she will allow you to do your own injections at home.

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